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Santa Monica College 

Tennis-Pickleball Sports Complex 

Santa Monica College’s new sports complex could become a new landmark for the city. In addition to pickleball and tennis, the new sports complex could be used for graduation ceremonies, concerts, outdoor lectures and other social events.

The design is based on a sport of two. Symbolically, the two wings are connected by a central social space with amphitheaters in the center; the plan allows for a variety of events such as movie nights or public lectures by the college. One wing of the complex is higher than the other wing due to existing site contour. The fabric membrane enclosure acted as netting for catching high balls, while providing some shading for the players during the day.

From the perspective of business, the sports complex could provide highly visible branding for the city of Santa Monica as well as for the college. We hope that its design will generate income for the college and provide students with valuable networking opportunities with professionals in the city of Santa Monica.

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Santa Monica College


Santa Monica, CA 

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