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Dublin High School
New Engineering and Science Building

Dublin school opens much-anticipated new engineering and science building. $31.5 million building was funded by voter-approved measures

-- San Jose Mercury News


New ideas are often the result of long-term tinkering with tools and experiment. There is no single flash of insights that create whole idea from scratch, but rather a continuous and deliberate exploration of old hunches.

This new STEM building provides individual storages for student projects ideas (like mini garages). Students can tinker with ideas and come back to develop them over and over again. Personal project storage space -- like the garage -- is often overlooked when designing STEM buildings. Storages for individual student projects in classrooms allowed unique hunches to developed over time into actual engineering projects.

After multiple design meetings with DUSD, Dublin High School and their staff, dsk found that two basic types of classrooms were needed - a Computer Programming Type and an Engineering Type - that were designed to be flexible enough to serve the additional STEM courses.

This includes 11 classrooms, 3 lab classrooms, shop areas and a larger lecture room. The new classroom building also includes a fitness room for the athletic department, and a maintenance shop for the facilities department. dsk architects also coordinated the construction schedule to ensure a smooth transition by providing 27 temporary classrooms for students.

Other spaces needed included storage for course needed supplies both in shared rooms and rooms central to the Academy, and unique manufacturing spaces for courses such as CIM.

In the end, a 47,090 sf, 3-story engineering and science classroom building was designed to allow personalized exploration in engineering design.

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k -12



Dublin Unified School District


8151 Village Parkway

Dublin, CA 94568

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