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Vodafone has always been committed to delivering user friendly and inspiring innovation and is driven to empower people. So, when Vodafone relocated their Northern California offices from Walnut Creek to Redwood City, ID/A wanted to create a space that expressed the same level of energy, commitment to the brand, and passion for empowerment.


The offices moved to a building overlooking the Redwood Shores lagoon – a perfect setting for the tech giant. A state of the art conference center houses an Interactive gallery space for Vodafone’s up and coming products. Vodafone’s vibrant colors and motivational branding lines the 1,500 square-foot customer support area and the bright, airy lounge reflects the client’s own mission statement: “We’re a brand that loves change – if it’s not happening naturally then we’re creating it ourselves. It’s in our DNA to push forward, to create a better future, to never rest and find new ways that help people communicate. We are driven to empower people”.

Market type

Commercial TI




275 Shoreline Dr. #400

Redwood City, CA 94065

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