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Brook Haven School
New multi-Purpose Room

dsk architects spent several months leading meetings and design charrettes with Brook Haven School staff and teachers while searching for the perfect campus location and building features for their new project. After an abundance of thoughtful input and discussion, it was determined that the best location for the new building was an addition to the Library/ Drama building at the very front of the school.


The new building program maximized the uses of the building by creating spaces that could be used for multiple functions - which is critical to maximize efficiency in a small school district.  


The MPR would be used as cafeteria, community and school theater, and lecture space.  The new classroom would double as the backstage area, and the new full-service kitchen would serve both community and school events. dsk is proud to create a building that is an asset to both the school and the city of Sebastopol.

Market Type

k -12


Sebastopol Union School District 


7905 Valentine Ave.

Sebastopol, CA 95472

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