Research & Experiment

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Time-Shared Campus

“Fifteen years in the making, ECCL is one of the nation’s first joint-use facilities where City and School cooperatively occupy a shared site. 

So novel was the City-School district partnership that it required state legislation to modify the California Educational Code, which prior to enacment restricted nonschool use of school buildings.


School Board President John Affeldt stated, Communities across the nation will be looking to Emeryville to emulate our unique partnership.” 

-- Betel Yona, Urban Land Institute 


Turbo Room Expansion

As a participant in TechCrunch's Disrupt SF Expo, our researchers have shown that a custom exterior elevator (mobile room) can be reserved  and used to ‘expand’ living or office spaces by the hour.


The concept could reduce more than 30% of underutilized building footprint. 

The energy and cost of material to construct a 15-story  column of underused living space is much higher than the energy to operate 1 or 2 mobile rooms, over a 30 year period.

Warning: Do not overstay.

You might wake up in someone else's home


Electric Car Pods

Rest while traveling (Zero-emission). This network of electrical car pods with private enclosure could be located throughout the city's underutilized parking spaces in combination with solar PV canopy.  

This is a research proposal in collaboration with UC Davis Policy Institute for Energy, Environment, and Economy.

Note: The e-Pod is not a substitute for proper apartment rental arrangement.


English-Tech Curriculum

The ability to write and effectively 'Pitch' design ideas is the key part of STEM careers. Students are grouped into cohorts though their English classes; they collaborate and take different engineering-robotic classes together as a team throughout the year.

Castro Valley Unified School District, Autodesk, Intelitek and our research team have created a space for the combined teaching of English and technology classrooms.