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Itliong Vera-Cruz Middle School - Traffic Simulation

dsk architects was engaged by New Haven Unified School District to redesign the parking lot and drop-off areas at Itliong Vera-Cruz Middle School (IVCMS). During peak hours, students, and parents at IVCMS were faced with a chaotic and confusing parking and drop-off area. Our advanced Traffic Simulation Solution integrates state-of-the-art technology and data-driven strategies to optimize traffic patterns, minimize congestion, and create a safer, more efficient environment for students and parents during arrival and departure times. By strategically blocking certain paths and opening new ones, we've streamlined the route to the drop-off location, significantly improving safety and efficiency. We are proud to contribute to a smoother start and end to the school day for the community and New Haven USD!

Video Description:

This video begins with drone footage of the existing conditions at the site. The red overlays represent potential congestion points, and proposed deletions to the thoroughfare. We transition to the traffic simulation, which includes our adjustments to the parking lot layout, revealing an optimized, seamless flow of traffic.

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