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Simi Valley Unified School District had a planning challenge common to many Districts: a large number of schools with different needs and a finite budget with which to meet them. With a large portfolio of facilities, it can be difficult to compare the needs of one school to another, and to make sure that one school’s critical need is met before another schools wish list item.

dsk architects was hired to conduct a survey of 17 campuses, and to organize the findings into a series of similar reports and diagrams, allowing board members and executive staff an overview of the district and easy comparisons from a wide field of schools. dsk worked directly with the director of facilities and planning to produce the reports, and met with principals at all 17 schools to learn more about their schools’ needs.

The final reports have been delivered, and will serve as a backbone for long range planning, and a means of justifying planning decisions as projects generated by the rpeort move forward.


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Simi Valley Unified School District​


875 East Cochran St.

Simi Valley, California

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