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Research + Initiatives

Policy Initiatives

Joint-Use Campus

“Fifteen years in the making, ECCL is one of the nation’s first joint-use facilities where City and School cooperatively occupy a shared site. 

So novel was the City-School district partnership that it required state legislation to modify the California Educational Code, which prior to enactment restricted non-school use of school buildings."
-- Betel Yona, Urban Land Institute

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Ideas in Development


Mobile Room Expansion

As a participant in TechCrunch's Disrupt SF Expo, our researchers have shown that a custom exterior elevator (mobile room) can be reserved  and used to ‘expand’ living or office spaces by the hour.


The concept could reduce more than 30% of underutilized building footprint. 

Warning: Do not overstay.

You might wake up in someone else's home

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Rail-Ferry Connection

dsk architects, Stanford University, and Parisi Associates explored an unexpected connection point between rail and ferry -- the Oakland Airport.

Find out more about our presentation at the American Institute of Architects (San Francisco) 


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Electric Car Pods

Rest while traveling (Zero-emission). This network of electrical car pods with private enclosure could be located throughout the city's underutilized parking spaces in combination with solar PV canopy.  

This is a research proposal in collaboration with UC Davis Policy Institute for Energy, Environment, and Economy.

Note: The e-Pod is not a substitute for proper apartment rental arrangement.

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